About us

Namemotion is an artificial intelligence and big data company based in Fuenlabrada dedicated to the sale of high frequency domains. It is managed by internet professionals with many years of experience in the field of domains, business and internet.

What do we do

Namemotion is dedicated to the sale of domains in the secondary internet market, bringing quality domains closer to the end user. These are usually self-employed, small and medium-sized companies.

Who is our team?

Who are our partners and collaborators

Why we put

The idea of ​​creating Namemotion arose the need to bring the domains closer to the end user at a reasonable price and with the maximum ease. We believe that the final buyer does not have to complicate to get the domain he needs. That's why we simplify the process to the maximum by creating a platform in which buying and selling domains is as easy as other purchases on the internet.

What we offer

In Namemotion we bring generic quality domains to the end user at a reasonable price so that they can create an effective online presence in them. We focus on small and medium businesses.

Because we are different

In Namemotion we are different because the prices we set are market prices based on artificial intelligence. They do not change. The domains exposed in the platform have a fixed price that is not negotiable. We have domains with reasonable fixed prices, without offers or auctions. There is a sales page from which you can buy directly each domain.

Why do not we have auctions

The direct purchase system allows buyers to acquire the domain of their interest at the time they are interested in it, without having to compete with anyone. Our goal is to simplify the buying process to the fullest. No delays

Why do not we have bid options

The domains have a set price fairly adjusted, so we are offering it at the lowest price that is possible. Some domains are even offered below their appraised value.


What is a domain

The domain is the unique name that identifies a website. Its function is to translate the IP addresses on the internet to a memorizable name that is easy to find.

Domain types

The domain types can be generic or gTLD, territorial or ccTLD and third level. Generic domains are the most common and do not fit a specific country, territorial domains are those that are associated with a specific country and third-level domains are those that are used as gTLDs but also have territorial identity. There are also new gTLDs and IDN or internationalized domains.

How much is a domain worth?

The registration of a domain has a cost that is established depending on the registrar agent and according to its extension. Domains in the secondary market of domains have the price established by the seller.

Why a good domain is important

Your domain is your presence on the Internet, the name by which they will recognize you each time they access your website. If you want your brand or company to stand out on the internet, you must have a generic domain that is easy to remember, memorize and that gets your audience's attention. The better your domain, the better the impression others will have of you and the easier it will be to reach your audience. A good domain positions better on the internet by the keywords in which you want to appear.

How a domain is managed

We provide an easy access panel through which you can change the DNS, add emails and manage the email. After 60 days, you will be able to transfer the domains to the registrar of your convenience.

How much does it cost per year

The renewal of the domains has a price that depends on the extension of domains and the registrar agent in which you have them. You can go from 10 to 20 euros + VAT or even less.

What are extensions

Domain extensions are those that are in the final part of the domain revealing their nature. The extensions can be: .com, .net, .es, org, etc.

Special characteristics of the domains

The special characteristics or requirements of the domains depend on the extension used. It may be the years by which it can be registered or renewed, the process of change of ownership, the private whois, if it supports special characters, the requirements, etc.


How do I buy a domain?

To find your domain you can search by domain or use the keywords of your interest. Once I have selected it, you only have to give an indicative of your name, email and credit card.

How to pay a domain

Once you have selected the domain, you can use the secure form using your credit card thanks to the Stripe payment platform.

How do I transfer a domain

After 60 days, we have acquired the domain. In many occasions, you just have to choose the registration agent of your convenience, use the indicated identification code, complete the purchase and start enjoying it in your account. For your security, we block the domain for a period of 60 days, although we can also manage it.

How long does it take to have the domain available?

Once the domain is billed and paid, the transfer process starts before 24 hours. The time it takes to get to you will depend on the transfer process itself.

I have to renew the domain

The domains have to be renewed once a year, with a price that depends on the registration agent and who decides to have the domain. That's why, once you buy a domain.

What types of domains can be purchased at

In Namemotion you can find generic domains of high quality. The main extensions that we sell are .com, .es and .net, although you can see domains in other extensions.

How do I find the domain I want

You can find the domain you want to type the name or keyword in the search engine enabled for that purpose. The domains that meet the indicated requirements will appear in the search results.

set are the guarantees to buy

Once you purchase the domain, we make sure you go to your property in the fastest possible period through payment. Although it has been another interest, even if it is a price higher than the sale, the domain will be yours. We have the maximum guarantees of security in the payment and in the process of transfer of domains.

What is the data that appears in the domains

The data that appear in the domains are the data of interest that can help you make the best purchase decision. Price. The price at which the domain is sold. If the price is good or bad it is indicated by means of a star rating. Quality In addition, information such as searches of the keyword or domain is included, if it is very requested. Indicates if the competition is high.

What is the appraisal price of a domain

The price of the domain valuation is the estimated value of the domain. It consists of the fair price that could be bought or sold. Although the seller is the one who finally decides.

What happens if the seller does not transfer the domain

We work alone with trusted sellers. In the extraordinary case that the seller redistributes the domain, we will refund the money and stop working with the seller. On the other hand, we will give you the seller's information in case you are interested in taking legal action against him. Namemotion will have the money in their custody until the domain has been transferred.

What happens if the domain is not captured

The domains for sale.

What happens if I have any questions

In case of any doubt, you can consult with us through our support service. We have email and telephone enabled for this purpose.

What commitment I acquire when buying a domain

The only commitment that is acquired is to buy a domain to comply with the rules of the extension of the acquired domains and the existing legality.

Buyer protection program

We contemplate with a program of protection to the buyer that assures you that once you buy the domain it will be transferred in the fastest period that we can.


How to sell a domain

To sell a domain you just have to register and include your domains on the platform following a few simple steps.

Price them automatically

All domains are automatically at the time it is included in the platform, although you can put the price you want.

Promote domains for free.

If your domains are within their appraised value, they are promoted completely free of charge by various means beyond the sales platform.

When I charge for the domains

Although domains are charged after 60 days.

How to charge for the domains

You will receive a bank transfer to the indicated account number, always against invoice.

How much namemotion earns with my domains

The commission for the sale of the domains is 20%, which is distributed among the different platforms that work in the sale process of the domain.

Why do not we have domain parking?

Our process is to facilitate the sale of the domains to the maximum, so we focus on this last objective. The domains have their own sales page so that those interested know that it is for sale.

What commitment I acquire when selling a domain

If the domain has a buyer, you have the obligation to transfer it.

What happens if I do not transfer the domain

If you do not transfer the domain, you will be expelled from the platform and you will not be able to re-sell domains with Namemotion. Also, if you have money in the deposit you will not receive it for breach of service.

How domains are verified

The domains will have their own sales page.

I am forced to sell at the appraisal price of the domain

You have no obligation to sell at the appraisal price of the domain, since the price is set by you. However, you do have an obligation to sell the domain at the price set by you. Once the price is indicated, you have the obligation to transfer it to your buyer if there is one.

Security in relation to the collection

The payment is guaranteed by means of Stripe, a software that allows to receive payments in Internet in a comfortable and safe way. Once we collect the domain, Namemotion will pay for it. The buyer will make the payment before the transfer, also the domains will be blocked for 60 days without possibility of transfer to avoid payment fraud.